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Google updates for 2015

Posted by on Oct 10, 2015

googles_new_algorithm_changes_to_search_results_nepali_sites_affecting_search_resultGoogle is always updating and has a long history of algorithm updates and some of them are Google panda 4.2 Google, real-time Penguin algorithm and of course there is a big update about Google logo this year. Starting in January 2015 Google had a handful of updates until now. On July 24, 2015 it is confirmed that Google panda update is out and it should take several months to fully develop/complete.


Google panda has been rolling out very slowly because of technical difficulties. In Google hangout there was a question between John Mueller and webmasters. John was asked about Google update several times one question that why is it coming out so slowly. John basically explained that rollout is taking months and months opposed to days because of technical reasons and internal issues.


Google-Fiber1Most webmasters want to see immediate results from Google’s web spam algorithms but with panda 4.2 rolling out slowly it won’t be like that. It can take up to couple of months to fully see positive and negative impact of this new algorithm to Google is representing to us. Google launched the Penguin Update in April 2012 to better catch sites deemed to be spamming its search results, in particular those doing so by buying links or obtaining them through link networks designed primarily to boost Google rankings. When a new Penguin Update is released, sites that have taken action to remove bad links (such as through the Google disavow links tool or to remove spam may regain rankings. New sites not previously caught might get trapped by Penguin. “False positives,” sites that were caught by mistake, may escape.


In May Google launched plus Google photos to home for all our photos and videos. Reading some of the rumor blogs like Gizmodo I can tell that it works pretty well. Gizmodo Australia is announcing that it Google plus photos is working “creepy well”.

One of the big updates that came out this year with Google is that Google is no longer supporting websites that are not mobile friendly. How that will work we’ll see…

On the other hand Apple is bombarding us with iOS updates. The latest 9.0.2 the promises fixing bugs and issues that 9.0.1 had. With new iPhones coming out that will be interesting to see where will Apple lead us with this new update.

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Using Social Media to generate Business Leads in 2015

Posted by on Oct 9, 2015

The development of internet marketing has been an important aspect in the publicity of businesses and organizations. Organizations have been able to reach and capture a wider group of current and potential clients. The platform has also enabled efficiency at work since business owners do not have to leave their offices, but can negotiate and communicate directly with their clients at the comfort of the office.

A mere online presence is however not enough. Other than having as many likes, comments and shares as possible, turning them into real market leads is a strategy that will help realize the full potential of the social media in marketing. Here are a few strategies on how to use social media to generate leads for the business.

Listen attentively to the audience

Having an audience that only watches over things as they unfold, may not be of much help. There should be a two-way communication between the seller and the buyer. Internet marketing is all about dialogue. Depending on the purpose, style and tone of the online profile, develop the most effective way to have a dialogue with your clients and potential customers.

Establish a forum for direct feedback. The users should be able to have answers to their questions, complaints and concerns. In case of any criticism, the clients may need reassurance concerning the quality of the product being promoted. Both positive and negative feedback should be taken into account. When negative feedback is ignored, it may lead to devastating effects on the organization.

Research and know about your audience

Different people use the internet for different reasons. Some use it for personal and social interaction while others use it for official business communication, among many other roles. The main objective of marketing is to appeal to the target audience. Having an in-depth knowledge of the preferences, tastes and needs of the audience will help provide what exactly they desire.

Businesses can also customize their marketing efforts to suit the clients’ needs when they know where the audience spends most of their time. This will help capture and attract their attention.

Promote valuable content

Striking a balance between specific advertising and excessive advertisement is necessary. Potential and current customers may not like too many, meaningless advertisements on the marketing platform. In order to attract the attention of the clients, strive to offer only what is relevant, of value and helpful.

This not only offers helpful content to the customers but also helps the business to put its name at the forefront. A great proportion of the online content should be informative, with only a small amount being aimed at self-promotion. It is true that customers do not like being annoyed by excessive advertisements, and crossing that boundary can rapidly turn away potential followers and customers.

Posting relevant material that focuses directly on the target audience encourages them to follow closely for more information and acquisition of knowledge about the product or service. They will not only see the new product or service being advertised but will also develop a favorable opinion and attitude towards it.

Adopt a continuous improvement strategy

Communication via the internet is a dynamic concept that undergoes rapid changes and transformation each moment. The strategy applied today may not be useful for marketing the following day. Through constant monitoring of the results achieved, it is possible to evaluate the performance of the strategy used.

As the marketing strategy develops, it will be evident that some strategies will turn out to be more successful than the others. Some will influence positively while others will turn out negatively. Take note of your successful efforts and failures in equal measure. With time, you will get to understand the interests, likes and dislikes of the customers, to cater for them more effectively in wholesome.

Improving the media marketing strategy involves taking a closer look at the actions that were responsible for creating favorable leads, learning what made them successful and implementing them for more success. Since no strategy may be totally perfect, it calls for continuous improvement and evaluation over a given time.

Create an effective schedule for advertising

In social media marketing, timing is a key element. Time determines whether the post will get to the audience or be blocked by other posts within the platform. Posting your advertisements deep in the night when users are asleep may hinder them from reaching the clients when they finally wake up in the morning.

Users of the social media will most likely have a direct interaction with the advertisement during specific days or time periods when specific campaigns take place. It may, therefore, be necessary to study the habits of the potential and current customers within the social media.

The social media also has the challenge of many marketing leads competing for space within the platforms. In any given instance, the user will be interacting with hundreds and thousands of many media postings. Timing strategies should, therefore, be planned effectively, to enable the update to cut through the huge collection of other marketing campaigns.

Effective social media marketing strategy entails spreading of the updates over certain periods of time instead of posting them all at once. Scheduling social media campaigns and advertisements during the organization’s key activities such as the launching of new products, making of major announcements and sales campaigns can help maximize the brand’s exposure to the market.

Social media marketing makes it much easier for any organization to reach its target client base. It also enables a more direct approach to marketing between the seller and the client. The open platform provides a level playing field for all the users of the platform. What makes the difference is the kind of strategy employed by any user.

Listening and taking necessary action concerning the complaints and concerns of your customers will boost your image as a marketer. Ignoring, on the other hand, has far-reaching consequences. With the ever-increasing number of social media users, making yourself known to them can be easy if done correctly. Positive marketing leads will have the effect of creating a stronger bond between an organization and its customers.







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The Top Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2016

Posted by on Oct 9, 2015

The online showcasing industry is perplexing and volatile, however an energizing one for anyone who stays up on advanced trends. Every year, new hardware, new software, new organizations, and new client inclinations manage a large group of far reaching changes that either get received or disregarded by the world’s businesses. Early adopters get a major advantage over the opposition, speaking to new markets or cementing their reputations as industry pioneers, while those lingering behind pass up a major opportunity for a key chance to hold their positions.

2016 appears to be an extraordinary year for online showcasing, and I anticipate it shaking up the diversion with these seven trends:

Video advertisements will begin ruling.
Video promotions are absolutely just the same old thing new, with social channels like YouTube devoted to facilitating billions of videos and advertising stages like Facebook and Bing as of now offering sponsors video alternatives. 2016 is set to appear as something else in light of the fact that Google is at long last getting going to play a part with in-SERP video advertising. It’s a sign that clients are turning out to be all the more tolerating of video promotions online, and as that pattern proceeds with, hope to see more sorts of video advertisements appearing in more unforeseen spots. With Google’s responsibility for, the potential outcomes are for all intents and purposes boundless.

Application indexing will prompt a blast of applications.
Google has offered application indexing for some time, however as the positioning conceivable outcomes for applications turn out to be more perplexing, 2016 will be the year more business proprietors understand the online visibility points of interest of a committed application. A mobile-enhanced site works ponders for engaging the mobile group, yet soon, applications will start to supplant them. Applications can do everything that sites can, aside from in more instinctive, helpful, open ways. We’re still quite a long while far from applications totally supplanting sites as a medium, however 2016 will be a urgent year in application adoption from business proprietor’s perspectives.

Mobile will totally command desktop.
2015 was a major year for mobile—not just did Google declare that mobile traffic at last surpassed desktop traffic in 10 unique nations, it was additionally the year they discharged the “Mobilegeddon” algorithm redesign to eliminate locales not streamlined for mobile. In any case, evidently, you don’t need to have a streamlined desktop site notwithstanding a mobile adaptation—as indicated by Google, a mobile-just site with no desktop partner is perfectly adequate. This alone won’t be sufficient to drive down desktop traffic, yet it’s unmistakable what side of the wall Google’s on; they’re depending on desktop traffic blurring without end, which means the brilliant cash lays on mobile-centered online promoting.

Digital partners will prompt a new sort of optimization.
Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising are two exceptionally well known strategies for getting your site seen by a huge number of beforehand obscure guests. In any case, the ascent of digital aides is going to prompt a new sort of optimization. The way to upgrading in this new organization is to verify your business data is effortlessly available to these colleagues, as opposed to attempting to funnel individuals to your site particularly.

Virtual reality will rise.
There are many diverse virtual reality gadgets set to discharge in the following couple of years, some of which are devoted for particular applications like video amusements, and others which are accessible for general use. Oculus Rift, ostensibly the most advertised VR gadget, is set to discharge in the first quarter of 2016. Oculus Rift and other VR gadgets will present a whole new medium of online advertising, with combination to mainstream social media stages, video channels, and even types of direct informing. There’s dependably a chance VR could fail as a provisional craze, yet there are billions of dollars of financing in limbo, prepared to wager generally.

Wearable innovation and the Internet of Things (IoT) will clear new ground.
While not exactly to the level of virtual reality, wearable “savvy” gadgets ought to begin increasing more footing into 2016. 2015 saw the Apple’s uncovering Watch, an original savvy, however more shrewd watches and comparative wearable gadgets ought to begin rising one year from now. Such gadgets will change the scene of nearby promoting, and will accomplish more to obscure the lines between “online” advertising and “genuine” showcasing.

Advertising will turn out to be more costly.
Rivalry in the online promoting world has expanded significantly throughout the previous couple of years. 2016 will see it expand significantly more. As the essential laws of financial aspects propose, an increment popular is frequently joined by an increment in value, so each one of those new online promoting contenders will drive the costs for online advertising significantly higher. Practically, online advertisements are really shoddy, yet the increments in value may drive some littler organizations out of the scene.

Email showcasing will get a renewed core interest.
With social systems diminishing the measure of visibility brands and businesses get on their stages, and with search engines threatening business proprietors and advertisers with always expanding multifaceted nature of their positioning algorithms, businesses will come back to the one showcasing resource that they can control completely; their email list. This renewed spotlight on email showcasing will interlace with substance advertising to obscure the lines in the middle of email and substance promoting.

As brands understand the estimation of substance promoting, they’ll start to find approaches to streamline their email content to maintain a strategic distance from repetition. Restricted in which they’ll do this is to repurpose existing substance into downloadable PDFs, (for example, whitepapers or eBooks), which can be offered as pick in impetuses to construct an email list.

In 2015, brands will start to understand the need of separating themselves from their rivals with regards to email showcasing. .

The lines between SEO, substance promoting and social media will turn out to be more obscured

Substance promoting has been portrayed by some as the “new SEO;” which is to some degree precise. SEO and substance showcasing will proceed to exist together as two separate however entwined disciplines that depend on one another for achievement. So, substance advertising is currently the essential influencer of search visibility. Businesses that don’t put resources into a strong substance technique will find that their SEO campaigns are insufficient, best case scenario, and harming to their search visibility, best case scenario.

SEO will come to be seen more as a subset of online promoting, managing specialized viewpoints, for example, meta labels, indexing issues, punishment recuperation, and decisive word research. Social media, then again, will come to be seen as an essential amplifier of any substance technique. While businesses have been centered around making brilliant substance, less center has been given to advancing and dispersing that substance.

Brands will scramble to humanize

With the ascent of social media, brands will understand that their clients are on social media channels to collaborate with other individuals, not with brands and corporate-sounding language. Brands that have the capacity to unite with their gathering of people on a human-level will appreciate higher change rates, better brand steadfastness, quicker group of onlookers development, and more satisfied clients. I expounded on this and different advantages in my post Why It’s Important to Humanize Your Brand on Social Media.

I trust an organization’s capacity to humanize their brand will be the absolute most critical component in their prosperity utilizing social media. Brands who draw in and create associations with their fans, adherents and email subscribers will see colossal advantages, all of which will at last build their primary concern.

Advertisers will discover better approaches for making local advertising not so much special but rather more pertinent

With relentlessly diminishing click-through rates in the course of recent years, businesses have started to completely understand the incapability of flag advertising for driving deals. While expanded visibility is still an advantage of standard promotions, little to medium-sized business searching for results will be less disposed to put resources into channels that don’t offer a measurable ROI.

With the increment in fame of local advertisements, advertisers and publishers will continually be searching for better approaches to mimic editorial substance while staying straightforward to site guests. 2015 will see collaborations in the middle of publishers and brands whereby sponsored substance is particularly made to be appeared close by the essential substance; therefore, local advertisements won’t be limited time in nature, yet rather will offer applicable and connecting with supplementary These trends aren’t the main ones that will develop through the span of the following year, yet they will be probably the most noteworthy.  But will hopefully help you get a jump on 2016. There’s no guarantee precisely when or how these trends will manifest, as a lot of that is driven by buyer adoption, however it merits supporting your wagers in no less than a couple of these tent shaft technologies and strategies. The prior you begin, the additional time you’ll need to modify and harvest the full advantages of your ground breaking campaign. In case you’re searching for help beginning with your online promoting campaign.

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